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    If I called your home and left a message  for you to visit this website, or I sent a letter  inviting you to visit my website, it was  because I received a letter from you asking  for some “FREE” No Obligation information  concerning Mortgage Protection.      Please click the Request an appointment  link above and give me 15 minutes of your  time. I will not high pressure you to buy  anything, but simply explain all your options.      As a gift I will bring you a coupon for a  “FREE” $300 Life Alert Emergency Type  system and while supplies lasts, a “FREE”  Emergency Key Lock Box. You may use  them yourself or give to a parent. Plus I have  put together a Medicare Information “Easy to  Understand” booklet that can save you  $4500 per person per year.
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How can you get “Free”

mortgage protection?

    Hello, my name is Lloyd and I have made  it my goal to educate people concerning  TERM and WHOLE LIFE insurance. There  is something much better and people need  to know.           Each and every month people spend  hundreds of millions of dollars on TERM and  WHOLE LIFE insurance and will never  benefit from all those wasted premiums.     At best you will die and your beneficiary  may benefit, but let’s face it, what if you  don’t die? Do you know why TERM  insurance is so cheap? It’s because the  odds are that it will expire long before you  die, or even worse, go up in price when you  need it, but can no longer afford it. Whole  life insurance is even worse. You pay three  times as much for what?     The good news is that there is another  option. It is called “Indexed Universal Life”! It  is a hybred combiniation of term, whole life  and investing in the S & P 500 stock market  but with a contractural guarantee to NEVER  experience a stock market loss.       If you presently have a cd, stocks,  savings accounts, IRAs or a company  retirement account that is not making you  10% and can in fact lose money, we need to  talk. 


Home foreclosures reach record highs.

   Picture this, your mate is gone and there  will NOT be a check this Friday! The  mortgage payment is due and soon the gas,  electric, water, phone, cable tv, homeowners  insurance, car payments, car insurance and  hospitalization. Not a pretty picture, but  ignoring it will not make it go away.      Families today need both incomes to  qualify to get a home mortgage, so why  would anyone think one surviving mate could  afford the payments if the other mate dies?      95% of foreclosed homes are because of  lost income. When one mate dies the  mortgage becomes a huge burden to the  surviving mate. The good news is that by  saving some money towards your retirement  you can sovle this issue! Mortgage Protection:    Life insurance protection that covers  either one or both mortgage holders in  case of death. Designed to either payoff  all of the mortgage balance or at least  make payments during the “Critical  Period” of adjustment after a death.