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Let me educate you

   Have you ever heard the phrase that  knowledge is power? I have made it my goal  to educate people how they can take a ride  on the backs of insurance companies and  share part of the millions of dollars they  make each year with a contractual  guarantee to never experience a stock  market loss or down turn.     How is that possible? Remember the old  adjustable rate home mortgages that were  tied into the stock market or an index? Your  interest rate started low, but as the market  or index rose, your interest rate also  climbed. It eventually climbed so high that  many people lost their homes. Today you  can use the same method, but instead of it  costing you more, as the market or index  rises, you can share in the gains, but only  the gains, never the losses. Let me show you in person! Call Lloyd today!  If I am with a client leave a message and I  will call you right back.   Cell: 440-341-3904


The Life Insurance Industry's Big Secret     If you click the link at the bottom you can  read the entire article that is posted in the  huffingtonpost. Here’s a few quotes. 1. Most people pay into a term or whole life  policy for years, sometimes hundreds of  thousands of dollars, and then allow those  same policies to lapse -- and the insurance  company never pays out a penny.  2. Less than two percent of term policies  ever result in a death claim. Hundreds of  millions of death benefits also go unclaimed  by the beneficiaries.  Click Here to read the entire article! 
   Who is Lloyd? 49 years ago at the  age of 21, I obtained my life insurance  license and the industry has certainly  changed alot since then. Today there  are ways to tap into the huge profits  made by the insurance companies and  at the same time get “Free” protection.

Retire in 20 years

    How can you save just $300 per month  and retire in just 20 years with a tax free  income stream? Let’s face it, Social  Security will probably not be around in 20  years, so if you are not saving any  money on your own today, you will be in  big trouble eventually.      If you have been saving money in  IRAs and 401Ks and losing money, does  that even make any sense. Now instead  of spending money on TERM or WHOLE  LIFE insurance and losing money on your  savings plans, why not take all that  money and using the same methods the  multi-billion dollar insurance companies  use, place it in YOUR OWN personal  plan?     Remember, doing the same thing over  and over expecting a different result is  insanity!
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