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“The Critical Period”

   When a family loses a loved one suddenly,  there is a period of time that we call the  “critical period”. Wages are lost from the one  who died, final medical expenses pour in,  there are final expenses from the funeral,  which are usually demanded to be paid in  advance, and of course the home payments  continue.    If you have lost income that was needed  to make the home payments what will you  do? Even if you think selling the home is the  answer, how long will that take? In many  cases the home sale becomes a “Fire Sale”  and the home ends up getting sold  thousands below it’s value.    Even if you sell the home at once, to move  into a rental the monthly cost may be the  same or higher and you will still need money  to move, security deposit and first months  rent.     How much will you need? The real  question is how much can your budget  allow? Take a look at the budget  calculations.


No money for a funeral, wash cars!.

   If you look at the three pictures on this  page you will see three families trying to  raise money to pay for a loved one’s funeral.  These are real pictures of real people.    Today a funeral can cost thousands of  dollars and funeral home’s first question is,  “Did you bring a checkbook with you”?      Funerals can easily run $5000 to over  $15,000. Do you have $5000 sitting aside to  cover the cost of a lower end funeral? If you  don’t, then you need to find the money in  your budget today to at least cover the final  expenses of all the people in your family. 
   Of course the best solution is to protect  the entire mortgage so the home is free  and clear, but in some cases people wait  too long and their age and health make the  cost for full protection impossible.     In those cases you need to “At Least”  cover the “Critical Period” explained below.

Budget Calculations

   Saving money is very hard to do in  these economic times. It’s very easy to  spend every penny we make and by  using credit cards many live beyond their  means.    What ever your situation is, you need to  decide what your priorities are. There is  no doubt you need some protection.     Today we can offer you a savings plan  that will provide “Free Protection” and if  you never use or need the protection, get  every penny back. Here’s one option that  everyone needs to have.      For $12.83 per month you can get  $50,000 of accident protection that  increases to $100,000 and if you never  need or use the protection get back every  penny or $2950.00. Ages 18 to 60  reguardless of health condition. Click the  contact link above now! 
The Critical Period