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We are looking for quality business owner partners!

Every month about 200 people move into or re-locate into Lake County.  If you were to send each person a letter introducing your business to them, before they find your competition, it would cost you over $200.00 for the names, addresses, design, layout, paper, printing, envelopes and stamps. Plus the time and effort to do it. We will do all the work for “FREE”! You simply pay us for the materials. Pay the $200 every month and we will do all the work. No long term contract, pay month to month. Here’s the “Pay it Forward” part. Each month as you pay the tax deductible $200, we will donate 50% or $100 in your name to www.HelpStopHeroinAddiction.com. Your name and your business will be listed on this website and the www.HelpStopHeroinAddiction.com  website. In addition you will be mentioned in our newsletters and invited to all our events. Let’s fact it, $200 per month for a continuing advertising program that works is “Chump change”. There is nothing that you can do that will produce results and at the same time “Pay it Forward”. But here’s another offer for you. If for some reason you can NOT afford $200 per month, pay whatever you can afford. We need a minimum of $100 for the mailings, but whatever you pay over the $100 we will donate in your name. Once we start bringing you customers you can increase the amount at anytime. In addition, if you want to do more, simply pay any amount you want over the $100 and all the rest will be donated. Pay $300 and $200 will be donated! So if you are interested in reaching new customers and retaining your existing customers, we can help you as you “Pay it Forward”! Our goal is to do whatever we can to bring you new customers and keep your existing customers coming back. We offer a number of services which are listed below. Some of our services are exclusive to us, which means we are the only ones doing it. 1. List your business by city. 2. List your business by category. 3. Introduce your business to every new Lake County resident. 4. Let us develop your customer list. 5. Let us send your customer list offers to keep them coming back. 6. Let us introduce your business to every new newletter request. 7 Let us introduce your business to every contest registration. 8. Let us send your offers to every new newsletter request. 9. Let us send your offers to every new contest registration. 10. Let us develop and send out targeted e mail blasts. 11. Let us develop and send out text message blasts. 12. Let us promote you via facebook. 13. Let us promote you via tweeter. 14. Let us build and promote your website. 15. Let us manage your existing website. 16. Let us promote your existing website. 17. Let us design offers that produce results. 18. Let us show you how to sponser give aways, contests and parties. 19. Top of the page banner ads. 20. Side of the page banner ads. 21. Groupon type discount offers. 22. Commission/Percentage promotions. 23. Expand your exposure by reaching every new or re-located Lake County resident as they move into Lake County. We direct mail about 150 per month inviting them to try your products or services. One of the least expensive ways to get new customers with! 24. Using the customer e mail list that we build for you, we can use this site to promote just you to just your customers.  25. You can join and attend weekly face to face networking meetings. A personal referral is the best way to get a new customer. www.ClevelandNetworking.com Click here to arrange for us to explain our programs.
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