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About us

   The founder of “Welcome to Lake County “ and “Help

Stop Heroin Addiction” is a Lake County resident with a

combined advertising and business ownership

experience of well over 40 years. In addition, having lost

his granddaughter to cancer and then the year after

losing his son at age 39 to an accident, witnessed the

effect Heroin had on his grandson who became addicted

in response to losing his sister and uncle.

   Realizing that in these economic times, both consumers and business owners need a way way to connect that just makes sense. Most advertising is just too expensive and in many cases generates little or no results. Products and services are also expensive and the consumer is looking for the best deal. This website’s mission is to connect the two.    Our concept is simple. Typically about 150 families move or re- locate to Lake County each month. If a business were to purchase the names, paper, printing, envelopes and stamps to send a letter introducting themself to each new family, it would cost them at least $150 per month, plus the time and effort to do it. We do all the work for “Free” for the same cost of $150, that it would cost them if they did it themself. Plus we donate $50.00 of the $150, the minimum 33% mentioned above, to the fight against Heroin! In addition many of our business partners contribute alot more and we will be telling their stories eventually.    Our goal is to make this website the only place a Lake County consumer will need to go. If we do not have the product or service you want or need, you can contact us and we will find it for you at the lowest possible price. As our website grows we will be offering more and more products and services from our business partners and in turn, our business partners will be offering more discounts, contest give aways and sponsered parties. The best way to keep in touch with all our new business partner offers, contests and give aways is to request our newsletter above. IF YOU WANT TO DO MORE OR HAVE AN IDEA PLEASE CONTACT US!
© Welcome To Lake County 2016
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About us